Affordable SEO services for small businesses

7 Affordable SEO Services For Small Business That You Must Take

Last updated – February 04, 2021

You need a concrete SEO plan to increase your new customer outreach and make sure returning customers can get back to you while searching online.

A strong SEO strategy increases your online presence and thus, improves your business growth.

You have to focus on six major SEO services to increase your business presence on the web.

These 7 SEO services are as below.

  • Onpage SEO
  • Offpage SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Social Media

Importance of SEO In Small Business

When you face a problem, you search Google to find the answer.

Maximum users click on the top 3 search results in Google search (also called SERP – Search Engine Result Pages)  and the probability of getting clicks reduces as you go down the Google search page.

More-clicks mean more visitors that result in more business opportunities.

You need strong SEO practices to rank on the top of Google SERPs.

If you have a low budget, SEO is the most affordable way to increase your online discoverability organically. You can learn these services and do it yourself. Once you are sure to scale at a higher level, you can hire an SEO manager at that time.

Let’s discuss the details.

7 Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

#1. On-page SEO

Price – $150 to $350 per month

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing web page content compatible with search engines to help them rank better.

The main component of on-page SEO is Keyword. 

Major on-page SEO practices consist of optimizing keywords in URLs, title tags, Alt tags, and content.

#1. Optimizing the URLs

Website URLs are the unique identifiers for a search engine to recognize a webpage. Keep the URLs concise, and include at least one relevant keyword in the URL.

For example, If you go to Brian Dean’s Backlinko for a technical SEO guide. You may visit their blog post – “”

Here, “technical-seo-guide” URL is a keyword itself.

#2. Updating title tags

Search engine algorithms don’t value unformatted text. If you want Google to read and retrieve your pages, make sure you have well-formatted the text with proper title tags.

Give the title of your post an H1 tag. The title of this post is a perfect example. You can also use H2 main sections, H3 for subsections. 

People use title tags up to H7 tags for different subheads but I recommend don’t go beyond H3 and use the bold text below that. If you check, this paragraph is in bold and the subsection “On-page SEO” is having an H3 tag.

#3. Add Alt tags to images

Images not only give your readers an interactive visual experience but also benefit your SEO strategy. Optimize your web page images with proper name, in fact, use a keyword in the Alt text and image title. 

For example,

If you are adding an image of cake on your bakery website. Rather uploading as “cake1.jpg”, you can name it and add alt text as “best chocolate cake.jpg” or the relevant keyword you can use.

best chocolate cake

Don’t forget Alt-text, because when the image isn’t accessible to the user, because Alt-text also helps in improving SEO of the content.

#4. Use internal and external links

External links – You should add links of high quality sources that contain content relevant to your post. Never go for a random link from any website. 

Internal links – You can add links of your own blog posts or relevant articles called interenal linking. It gives Google an idea of your website structure and helps in boosting the SEO.

#2. Off-page SEO

Price – $150 to $200 per month

Off-page SEO means your efforts to improve its search engine rankings that are not done on the website directly. These efforts are taken outside of your website by building new links that results in building trust among readers.

#1. Link-building techniques

When some other websites give your website link to get some information, that signals Google (or any search engine) the trustworthiness of your content. 

Search engines value your credibility and give you better ranking.

For example, if you write a blog on skin creams and multiple other blogs share your article link, chances are high that your site will rank better.

You can write guest posts to other blogs that will help their readers to solve some problems.

Great piece of content is the base of link building. Someone will share your link only if you are providing some value to their readers.

#2. Influencer outreach

You can also reach out to the influencers in your domain. Influencers have loyal fan following and they can easily boost your website footfall.

Since influencers provide high value to their followers, if you prove that your content is of high quality, they can easily shout out for you and increase your traffic.

You can pick multiple platforms to increase your online presence. 

For example,

If you are in travel industry, you can reach out travel bloggers, instagram influencers and even facebook group admins to shout out for you. 

Show them how your content or product will add value to their followers life. Once they are convinced, you will get an additional boost to your business..

#3. Local SEO

Price – $300 to $2,000 per month

Local SEO is very helpful in reaching to local customers in real time when they’re searching  a relevant product or service. 

You should include a contact page on your website that contains all the information to reach you like contact number, email, your physical address (if required) and even a map to locate your office or store.

 #1. Google business profile

Google My Business (GMB) empowers you to show up in Google Search (in Maps as well) to build up a reputation with potential clients.

GMB helps you in your local SEO, guiding the customers in your area to find you, and your online presence improves in the search engine rankings.

#2. Mobile accessibility

Accordiing to a survey conducted by Uberall in 2018, 82% of near me searches were done from mobile phones. 

So, you can’t ignore the power of mobile users. It is important to optimize your websites for mobile friendly. Updating your address in Google My Business and optimizing your website with mobile interface will boost your ranking because more customers will be able to access your site on their mobile phone.

#4. Technical SEO

Price – $3,000 to $5,000 per audit

You can optimize your pages to help search engines crawl and index your web pages efficiently.

You can speed up your page loading on web browsers as well as mobile devices.

You can follow the technical optimizations discussed below to improve your SEO.

#1. Register with ‘Google Search Console

Google Search Console reports help you analyze your site’s traffic and performance. 

You can register your website with Google Search Console to get analytical reports of your web pages and you can fix if any of them contain errors.

#2. Build 404 page

If you want to prevent your readers from getting lost on your site, you can redirect your visitors with a 404 page.

Your 404 page helps your lost visitors find what they’re searching for. 

The best technique to do that is to include links to your homepage, or your sitemap.

#3. Add canonical URLs

If your website contains pages that contain similar content to other pages, Google can penalize your site for plagiarism. 

If your own webpages contain identical information, you can use the canonical tag to avoid penalties.

A canonical tag tells search engines that a particular URL contains the master copy of the current page. Canonical tag prevents “duplicate” content problems happening on multiple URLs.

For example, if you have two pages with nearly common content, you can select one page as a master page for the canonical version. Then, add a canonical tag to the second page with a link to the canonical page (master page).

#5. Ecommerce SEO

Price – $150 to $300 per hour

If you are a online retailer or having an ecommerce store, you need SEO strategies to increase your online presence.

#1. Ecommerce site architecture 

Ecommerce site architecture shoes how you set up your website navigation, category pages, and product pages. 

Basically its more about retrieving the most relevant content in front of users and bringing down the number clicks to find a particular product.

Strong ecommerce website architecture improves SEO as search engine can easily locate the relevant product information.

#2. Other important factors

  • High-definition product images.
  • Use of bulleted lists in product details section.
  • Using  long-tail keywords in your product titles as well as in the content.

#6. Video SEO

Price – $300 to $1,000 per video

As per recent report by Cisco, videos are going to dominate the web with getting 82%  (expected) of all web traffic by 2022. You simply can’t ignore video content to improve your SEO.

Below are some SEO tactics to make your video content more easily searchable.

#1. Add tags and descriptions

You can consider YouTube as a search engine for videos. When you add keywords to your video tags and descriptions, YouTube can understand what your content is containing.

This makes videos go up in search results.

#2. Attractive thumbnails

The very first thing that your viewer interact with is not your video but the thumbnail of video.

If you want to increase the click-through rate of your videos, make attractive thumbnails. Use vibrant colors and bold text to make them stand out from the crowd. 

Important thing is to use minimum words to tell the title (message).

#7. Social Media Platforms

Price – $450 to $1,500 per month

Social media presence may not directly affect your SEO but it is a key factor to increase your brand awareness and ultimately outreaching the customers.

Social media marketing help you target your potential customers and built a community around your brand. 

For example, if you are in a beauty product niche, your presence on instagram, facebook and pinterest will increase your website traffic and open another paradigm to reach out to potential customers. 

Social media marketing helps you achieve more potential customers, wide brand awareness and building new links that improve your SEO rankings on the long run.

Hiring an SEO Expert

You can practice these 7 services to boost your SEO but if you are not able to handle everything, its better to outsource that work and focus on other important stuff.

Let’s discuss important points to consider before hiring an SEO expert.

  • Ask the agency or expert you are going to deal for the track record of positive results. It can be a case study or client referral. You will get more clarity about their capabilities.
  • Ask about recent problems resolved by them.
  • Ask  for what type of tools they use to analyze their strategies.
  • Ask for samples of web content to make sure, they are really able to attract your readers


You can either do SEO thing yourself or hire an expert but remember SEO is a long game. 

The seed you sow today will reap in upcoming months (3 months – 6 months). The best way is to keep optimizing your content and wait for the results.

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