Fear of buying a VPS

Almost any new Internet project begins its existence by posting on an ordinary shared host, with an inexpensive tariff and parameters that seem sufficient to work. But such a hosting will not always be enough – with the development of the project, attendance increases and, as a result, the load. The most rational option in this case is the purchase of a VPS (virtual private server) from the company https://justvps.com/, which will satisfy all the requirements. The fear of technical nuances keeps many from acquiring VPS, since most do not know how to properly configure such a server and what to do in this or that case.

VPS Acquisition – The Right Solution

One of the best solutions in this situation will be the acquisition of VPS on SSD with full administration. Some hosting companies offer virtual servers at an affordable price, which already includes VPS server administration services. This approach eliminates the problems with hosting and allows you to focus only on the development of the Internet project itself. All work on setting up, supporting and monitoring the work is undertaken by specialists of the hosting company.

Main Benefits of Acquiring VPS with Administration

For many people, the fear of buying a virtual server lies in their ignorance of the basic principles of server management, its configuration and administration. All this work can be entrusted to the hosting provider. Among the main advantages of hosting with VPS server administration services are the following:

  1. Initial server setup according to client requirements. You can immediately start working with the server without bothering with numerous settings;
  2. Round-the-clock monitoring of server performance. Technical support specialists constantly monitor the correct operation of the server and eliminate problems encountered during operation;
  3. No additional costs. The administration service of the VPS server may be included in the amount of the cost of the tariff. The hosting provider is interested in the client getting the most complete package of services;
  4. The client does not need to know the basics of setting up a virtual server – all manipulations on settings and operation are performed by a technical support specialist, according to the regulations of technical works, on request, or in case of emergency;
  5. Savings – you do not need to pay separately for the services of a specialist in setting up and maintaining the server in working condition. By purchasing a virtual server, you don’t have to worry about finding a specialist to administer it.

The advantages of VPS in comparison with shared hosting

  • full root and SSH access;
  • VPS server has 100% guaranteed resources (disk, memory, processor), with the exception of overselling;
  • You can install any software, starting from non-standard libraries and applications, and ending with the choice of a UNIX family OS (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and others);
  • dedicated ip-address without “neighbors”;
  • flexible system configuration and the ability to optimize resources for each specific project;
  • There are no restrictions on the number of sites, databases, FTP accounts, mailboxes, and more. You are limited only by the resources of your virtual server, which, if desired, you can easily change by changing the tariff;
  • Transferring a site to VPS, if there is a control panel, to another hoster is much easier than to shared hosting. Since it does not require configuration and you can make a one-to-one move.

By purchasing VPS with administration, you can significantly reduce hosting costs without resorting to the services of a server configuration and support specialist, as this will be the responsibility of the hosting provider.

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