Managed cloud services — does your business need them?

As cloud computing becomes the new norm, many businesses are planning to move their operations and infrastructure to the cloud. However, obtaining the required expertise for such a feat can be tricky, as there are but three ways to do it. A business can subscribe for managed cloud services package from a cloud service provider like AWS, GCP or Azure; you can try to hire cloud computing services specialists to your in-house team, or you can opt for cloud-computing-as-a-service from a trustworthy IT outsourcing company. being a cloud computing service provider cloud computing services ourselves, we are strongly suggesting you follow the latest route — and here is why.

Managed cloud compute service

A company that decides to go for cloud computing services provided by cloud platforms themselves has to understand several important moments:

  • Your infrastructure will be built mostly using this cloud platform’s services and features, which means moving to another platform will require a complete system redesign
  • You will be served under SLA terms, but your tickets will be processed according to a common queue, so the results will more often occur closer to 4 hours, than to 5 minutes
  • You will have no control over what you pay for and if some features are actually essential for your project, or you just pay for them as a part of a bundle.

Trying to service cloud operations yourself

If you try to build a cloud operations team yourself, you have to either settle down for a long learning curve or a long recruitment period.

  • There really aren’t many unemployed skilled cloud architects around. Thus said, the ones that are available are not likely to be top-notch specialists from the start.
  • Even if you are able to attract and retain a skilled cloud architect, chances are he will not have the experience of using and configuring all the cloud features needed for your project.
  • The skills and tech used for your project might become obsolete in some time and will have to be reconfigured or replaced by newer tools.

Opting for managed cloud services from an IT outsourcing company

Managed Services Providers are much smaller than the cloud service providers and have much fewer customers. Therefore, each client becomes much more valuable, and while you will still work under an SLA, the ticket response times will be closer to 5 minutes, not 4 hours.

  • MSP employ ready teams of skilled DevOps engineers and cloud service architects, who use polished workflows and have ready solutions for the majority of tasks you will need to be done over the course of your project.
  • Such teams provide solid cloud services backup, as they usually have experience of working with various cloud platforms and can design the optimal IT infrastructure for your needs, even if it spans features from multiple cloud service providers.
  • DevOps teams at IT outsourcing companies have the opportunity to work with the latest and most productive technology, so you will never receive a system running on outdated technology and software. Huge variety of projects helps such teams grow in skill quickly and remain productive, eager to invent better solutions.

Final thoughts on the best approach to running cloud services

It might sound like a biased opinion, but this point of view is proven by the skyrocketing popularity of IT outsourcing worldwide. As startups cannot afford top-notch specialists, and enterprises find out they cannot offer anything but fat salary — all types of companies realize that IT outsourcing is actually the best way to receive managed cloud services. You can try following one of the former routes first, of course — but you will really save tons of time, money and effort if you go for the latter route. The choice is up to you!