Preview: New front-end editor for WordPress 4.1

The next WordPress release is planned for December 2014 and WP version 4.1 will have some great features. One of them is a so-called feature plugin that will provide us a front-end editor. This feature was already planned for the current version, but the front-editor wasn’t ready before for the release of WordPress 4.0. I really like the idea to edit my existing post right from the front-end. Today I was curious about the editor features and I installed the plugin (on my version 4.0 test site) to do some tests.

Front-end editor plugin – beta 1.0

The first thing I checked was the compatibility to other WordPress themes. I tried these themes: Canvas by WooThemes, The Bootstrap and Twenty Fourteen. All three themes work with Front-end Editor plugin very well. Check this list of the current features:

  • Creating and modifying pages and posts With the plugin enabled the “New” of “Edit” links are replaced with new links which enable the front-end edit mode.
  • Edit and add text Just click with the mouse pointer on the text you like to change and start writing.

  • Formatting text and links Select the text where you like to add a new format or link and a small menu will show up. Select the function you need from this menu. If you choose the link button, the WordPress link dialog box will open.
  • Add a new block (images, video, galleries, etc.) Hit “Enter” to get a new row and the button “Add a block” will show up. Choose the element you need and access the well known dialog boxes to manage the chosen element.
  • Align and edit images If you select an existing image from your post, you can align this image using a small button bar. Click the edit image button to get access to the default image dialog.
  • Adding a featured image There is feature to add your post thumbnail or image right from the front-end.
  • Publish and safe draft In front-end edit mode there is always an update or publish button at the bottom of your window.

Try the plugin on your test machine or check the slideshow to study the new feature. This plugin is released for beta testing, don’t use it for production. If you find a bug or if you have an idea for some feature, please post them to the issue tracker.