Snapchat: a new golden opportunity

How many social media accounts do you have? Most people have a Facebook page in addition to their Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. Snapchat stole the spotlight a few years ago. Every since, they have been enjoying their huge growth. The new social network attracted people under 25 to its fun platform. I discussed with the Apéro Digital team, Florentin Soonckindt and Baptiste Ricart, two marketing and communication students who are passionate about digital. Apéro Digital’s concept is simple: informing you in less than a minute daily. They explained how they found the opportunity in using Snapchat’s growth to develop their idea.

Snapchat’s glory days

At the beginning of its glory days, Snapchat was the main social media for teenagers. Many studies show that the teenagers’ favorite social media tool was Snapchat. What does this app have more than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Snapchat’s strength is that is found a way to answer the Z generation’s needs. And this is exactly what constitutes its success. Today’s generation is also called the ‘selfie generation’. There is one loophole that makes a huge difference. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are today used by a larger audience, including parents. Teenagers feel insecure on these platforms. This is exactly why they all shifted to Snapchat, that is more private.. for now!

Teenagers are not the only ones to understand the opportunities behind Snapchat. A lot of big information groups such as CNN, the Daily Mail, National Geographic use this medium to share daily news. Brands from different sectors are starting to use this tool too. They share stories, moments, with their communities. They can even take their audience behind-the-scenes. Burberry did that with an exclusive photo shoot. Brands get very creative on Snapchat to launch an event, a product, or simply to encourage users to share content.

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